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When your sewing machine doesn’t operate properly whom do you call? Tabics Sewing Machines! We are Sewing Machine Repair in Las Vegas, NV, and we are your local, family-owned, and most reliable sewing machine repair service. Every sewing machine operator encounters minor problems.

Our trained technicians repair all makes and models including Kenmore, Singer, Bernina and more. Call Sewing Machine Repair in Las Vegas, NV for all your sewing machine repair needs.


Tabics Sewing Machine Repair in Las Vegas, NV is a trusted, family-owned repair and maintenance company that brings sewing machine maintenance to Las Vegas, NV. Whether sewing machines are antique, electrical, or computerized, they all have the same basic structure and parts, and these parts all require sewing machine maintenance.

Many sewing machine owners find it easier and more convenient to schedule sewing machine maintenance with our trained technicians. To maintain sewing machine functionality, we recommend routine service. Reach out to the professionals at Tabics Sewing Machine Repair in Las Vegas, NV!
At Tabics Sewing Machine repairs in Las Vegas, NV, there is no higher standard maintained when it comes to servicing your sewing machine! We understand that a sewing machine is more than just a machine to you. It could be a Family Heirloom… or a way to hem your husband’s pants… or even a way to make a living! We carefully listen to our customers when they have a problem with their sewing machine. We’ve been offering trusted sewing machine services and repairs for over 60 years. Check out our inventory of sewing machines in Las Vegas or contact us at 702.384.1963 if you need help in deciding which sewing machine is best for you.